Wine Blogging Wednesday 55: North vs South

I’m so stoked about hosting the 55th edition of the Wine Blogging Wednesday. It’s a nice number, too. A kind of symmetry, even, since I joined in on this collective tasting event for WBW 44.

As a Québécois frequently discussing wines with my American wine blogger friends, I thought that the perfect theme for “my” Wine Blogging Wednesday would be North vs South. 

But hey, it’s not a Civil War reenactment kind of theme, really. Nor a reminder of the victory of 1775, when Quebec City successfully repulsed an assault from American troops under Arnold and Montgomery.

Unless you want it to be. Wine-wise, I mean.

If this is what you want to do, you can always look at the web site, where you’ll find all you need to compare New York chardonnay with Texas chardonnay, or Maryland vs Virginia wines. And even in the US, if you look, you’ll probably be able to find a couple of Canadian bottles to compare with their American counterparts. Heck, maybe you’ll even be able to find the wines that Obama was served on his visit to Ottawa. The Neige ice cider is fairly widely distributed, at least in major cities.

What the theme really means

But really, I want this theme to be as open as possible. And to have more to do with the vinegrowing climate than with the political climate.

Essentially, this is a question of comparing how more northerly and more southerly vineyards produce different results with the same grapes. How, for instance, chardonnay from cooler climates will produce more citrus and mineral aromas and flavors, while in hotter climates, tropical fruit flavors come into the mix. How the light and delicate pinot can turn into a sweet cherry pie when heat is applied. You get the idea.

There are, of course, an almost infinite number of combinations. Northern hemisphere vs Southern hemisphere. North vs South within a country: how the Barossa compares with Tasmania. Or even within a single region: how pinots from the northern end of Burgundy compare with those at the southern end.

You might even want to turn this around, with warmer vineyards located north of some cooler ones (Mendocino vs Sonoma Coast, maybe?). Use your imagination. Look at maps you haven’t looked at for a while. Dust off the Atlas of Wine.

The one restriction is that the wines should be comparable in nature: Bordeaux blends from Bordeaux and Australia, sauvignon blanc from the Loire and from California, cabernet franc from the Niagara and Long Island, riesling from Washington State and Spring Mountain, etc. If you compare a Barossa shiraz with a chablis… well there just isn’t much actual comparing to do, right?

You have until March 18 to find these wines, taste them – and while you’re at it, see how they compare with a same dish. Put your tasting notes up on your blog, put up a link as a comment on this blog, and you’re all set. Heck, if you don’t have a blog, you can just put up a tasting note as a comment here, and I’ll include it in my roundup, on the weekend of the 21st of March – the official beginning of spring.

Cheers to everyone, and thanks a bunch to Lenn Thompson, founder of the WBW, for letting me in on the fun.

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  1. Terrific theme–looking forward to drinking some Merlots, or maybe some Chards–or maybe BOTH.

    • Why choose, indeed? Merlot sounds good. Here I was, writing my post, and trying to think of varieties, and somehow merlot eluded me. I’m sure you’ll set me straight!

  2. Great Idea. Have done some Italian vs. Spanish and once a New York Fingerlakes Cayuga Trail vs. Seneca Trail. Being a amateur Civil War buff, the North/South makes for a nice Wine Tasting event for home party.

    • Glad to have you on board. If you do a Civil War party with the wine tasting, please note that wine stains don’t show as much on the blue uniforms. 😉

  3. Great theme! Looking forward to it.

  4. Wicked cool idea. I’m looking forward to participating.

    • Glad to have you on board, Kori and Pamela. I can feel the excitement building already. This is my best day, visit-wise, on the blog. And we’re just starting this WBW thing.

  5. This is a great idea. What I think I’ll do is taste a wine on the north side of our property and then run down to the south end and taste it again.

    Just kidding, of course.

    I rarely remember to do WBW. Hope I can get it done this time.

    • LMAO!

      I recommend leaving a bottle at each end of the property. If you shake the bottle too much while running, you just might affect the taste of the wine. Especially if it’s unfiltered.

      More or less south-facing slopes on your vineyard could work, though.

  6. […] up in Quebec City, Rémy from The Wine Case has announced the theme of WBW 55 as “North vs. South.” Instead of a Civil War theme, his tasting will be all about […]

  7. Fun theme Remy, can’t wait to do a battle of the wines!

    • Thanks, Sonadora. A lot of people seem to be getting into the spirit of this friendly competition.

  8. […] Second, more WBW news! Our host for March, the 55th WBW, is Remy of Wine Case and his theme is North vs. South.  By that, he’s asking us to compare a Northen wine with a Southern Counterpart of the same grape.  So technically, you could do a Pinot Noir from Washington and a Pinot Noir from California, or a Malbec from France and a Malbec from Argentina.  Get creative!  Your entry is due March 18, and all the details are here. […]

  9. […] the Wine Blogging Wednesday for March will be hosted by Remy of The Wine Case blog.  The theme for March’s WBW is North vs. South.  Excellent theme – taste offs are […]

  10. My post is up:

    “As one Wine Blogging Wednesday leaves, the next one is hot on its tail. For the next edition of WBW, our host is Remy of The Wine Case. His challenge, a comparison of the North vs. the South…”

    I think it’ll be a really interesting topic that a lot of people can do a lot of things with.

  11. wow what a fun theme! I gonna go for some Rhone style wines–maybe from CA and AUS!

    so glad to know is Mar 18 and not Mar 11!

  12. hmmn or even Northern & southern CA!

    this is a WBW which will be all over the map!

  13. The possibilities are almost endless, it seems, even within the guidelines. Read you next week!

  14. […] Now I often visit his blog and I follow him on Twitter, so I was happy to find out he was offering this month’s prompt which includes these closing words: The one restriction is that the wines should be comparable in […]

  15. My WBW is scheduled to post tomorrow at 7:30 am. Please check it out and many thanks for your time. I have been a host and it’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

    • Very nice to have you on board, Catie. Can’t wait to read your take on the geographical theme.

      Great fun indeed!

  16. […] this Remy Charest’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, I decided to do syrahs (no surprise to anyone who knows my fondness for […]

  17. […] Wine Blogging Wednesday #55 is hosted by RemyCharest of The Wine Case blog this month, and it’s a really interesting theme. The theme is North versus South, or more specifically how the same grape varietal, grown in different regions, turns out different (or similar) wines. As I mentioned in the video part of the wine review, I had picked out three varietals, Syrah, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc. Ultimately, the wines I drank were the Syrah, though had I had more time, I likely would have done all three grapes and done a wine review of each. […]

  18. […] Blogging Wednesday 55: North vs South, just across the Loire The North vs South theme I proposed for Wine Blogging Wednesday provides bloggers with certain guidelines (use the same grapes, so you can compare), but also with […]

  19. […] #55 has an interesting theme, chosen this month by Rémy Charest over at the Wine Case Blog.  The theme is North vs. South, and while it implies a battle of epic bloody proportions with […]

  20. Here is my WBW #55 post

  21. I did a blind tasting comparing Napa Cab vs. Chilean Cab for my first Wine Blogging Wednesday:

    Thanks for presenting this topic- I enjoyed it a lot!

  22. […] 18, 2009 by vcuspoon For wine blogging Wednesday this month our host is Remy Charest of the blog Wine Case. Remy asks us to pit North against South in a battle of terroir and and to see, if any differences […]

  23. Great theme!

    My contribution:


  24. great topic Remy – here is my post

  25. […] when wine bloggers around the world all blog about a common theme.  Today the official theme is North Versus South, which is intended to be a theme that gives bloggers some latitude with how they bring it to […]

  26. This was a fun theme, thanks for hosting. Here is my contribution.

  27. Thanks once again, Remy for a great, illuminating theme. Here’s my contribution to what I’m sure is going to be a well-attended WBW:

  28. Great theme! Thanks for hosting. Here’s my North vs. South post:

  29. […] This month the theme was set by Remy Charest of The Wine Case blog. His instructions were for us to pit the north against the south–but after that he was pretty flexible. You could compare wines from different countries, […]

  30. Fantastic theme! What fun for my first Wine Blogging Wednesday. Here’s my post:

  31. Hi Remy! Thanks so much for hosting – and what a creative theme! You can find my entry here:


  32. Awful lot of nice posts rolling in, with a couple of first timers. Terrific to see! Thanks, everyone!

  33. This was a BLAST! Here’s our contribution:

  34. […] Blogging Wednesday is upon us again!  This month, Remy Charest (@remycharest) of WineCase has challenged us to restage the Civil War, in his version of North vs. South – Wine Wars.  Since […]

  35. Thanks for inspiring me Remy!

    Here ya go

  36. […] by Paul Arthur on Mar.18, 2009, under uncategorized The Mission: [C]omparing how more northerly and more southerly vineyards produce different results with the same … […]

  37. The brixchicks have posted two different entries which can be found at Thank you and we look forward to reading your summary of all the great blogger reviews.

  38. North vs. South, Spain vs. Australia, Garnacha vs. Grenache, at 2 Days per Bottle-

  39. North by North here, and thanks for hosting.

  40. Merlot showdown, interhemispheral-style:

  41. An inspired choice, Remy. Here’s my post (albeit a day late):



  42. Two Pinot Noir’s from Sonoma: one from Russian River, one from Carneros:

  43. […] Wine Blogging Wednesday 55: North vs South – a bipolar roundup It’s always fascinating to see the many ways people can interpret a proposition. So what did the participants in the 55th Wine Blogging Wednesday make of this idea of confronting North vs South? […]

  44. […] It’s always fascinating to see the many ways people can interpret a proposition. So what did the participants in the 55th Wine Blogging Wednesday make of this idea of confronting North vs South? […]

  45. […] come back to my North vs South thing, the way the two wines work would cast the Niagara region as the North, and the Okanagan as the […]

  46. […] what did I do in February and March? I hosted the 55th Wine Blogging Wednesday, on a theme called North vs South. This collective wine tasting event is very popular, meaning that several wine bloggers always […]

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