Wine gatherings for the rest of us

Just in case, for whatever reason, you can’t make it to Ronda, Andalusia, for the WineCreator extravaganza (see my previous post), here are a couple of places you could head to, over the coming weeks, to discuss wine with professionals and discover what winemakers are up to around the world.

Reading Alder Yarrow’s Vinography blog, I found out that New York City will be host to its very first Wine Expo on March 7 and 8, at the Javitz Convention Center. It’s interesting to think that there wasn’t one, in a city where so many events about wine take place. There’s a number of interesting producers in the list of 170 exhibitors presented on the Wine Expo’s web site, from well-known operations such as Concha y Toro, Banfi, Catena Zapata, Ravenswood, Ridge or Mouton Cadet to smaller producers I had hardly heard about, like Klinker Brick Winery, producer of 110-year-old vine zinfandels, Anne Amie from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. There’s also a Canadian winery I’ve regularly enjoyed over the years, Pelee Island Winery.

Later that month, Montreal will be host to the biennial Salon des vins de Montréal, where some 230 producers will be present, including Celler de Capçanes from Spain, Prüm from Germany, Perrin et Fils and Moulin Touchais from France, Rocca delle Macciè from Italy, or Rubicon Estate from California, to name but a very few. It’s a really great occasion to talk with winemakers from all over the world, and buy some private imports that are not otherwise widely available to the public. It’s also very inexpensive: 15$ for one day, 40$ for all four days, from Marc 27 to March 30. But you do have to pay for your two ounces of whatever wine you want to taste at the kiosks,

Seen that way, paying 150$ for two grand tastings at the Nantucket Wine Festival (May 14 to May 18) doesn’t seem so bad at all, considering that you get full access to the wines of some 150 great producers from around the world. And you do get a lot of fresh air, if your head starts spinning a bit.


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