Got your nose insurance?

Château de la Garde owner Ilja Gort won’t take any chances with his wines and the nose that helps him put them together. He just got his nose insured for 5 million euros (about 8 million dollars, US or CDN). He says he got worried after reading a story about a man who had lost his sense of smell after a car accident.

If you ask me, I think he also saw how much media attention the story about the smell-less man got, and figured he could get a lot of visibility from that move. Which can probably help him pay his premiums.

Needless to say, the story quickly made the rounds of just about every newspaper from Albany, NY to India,  every wine blog and media web site.

The one who must be feeling bad about all this is Robert Paker, whose nose is insured for a paltry one million dollars. I’m just wondering if he’ll be calling  his insurance company to have the policy reviewed… I’m also wondering what Château de la Garde’s Parker scores are. I mean, for eight million, you should be making 90s at least, right?