More about the Cornas struggle over Les Mazards vineyards

After writing my post, last week, about the Cornas mayor’s plans for erecting big buildings in the middle of his commune’s prestigious vineyards, I read more about the whole crazy thing on She mentions that you could join an e-mail petitition by simply writing to Vincent Paris, the copresident of the local producers’ association. The address is: And the e-mail should say something like:

Sauvez les Mazards! En tant qu’amateur de vin, je suis contre le projet d’urbanisation à Cornas.

Do include your name, address, e-mail address and, if you want, your profession.

I did write Vincent Paris, and he answered me with thanks, pointing out to me that Les Mazards is an exceptional site with hundred year old vines, and that he and his colleagues are ready to go to court, if need be, to make sure the project doesn’t go ahead.

So do join in, if you believe protecting such an exceptional patch of viticultural heritage matters. And even if you add your name to the online petition, that shouldn’t stop you from dropping an actual note, by actual post (you know, with stamps, paper, and all that stuff), to Gilbert Garnier, the mayor of Cornas. He apparently doesn’t have an e-mail address…

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