Tasting note: Casa Marin Laurel Vineyard 2005

Just finished a really lovely bottle of Casa Marin sauvignon blanc, from Chile’s San Antonio valley. Delicious. Stood its ground wonderfully with a stir-fry of beef with bok-choy, red peppers, mushrooms with peanut sauce – which is not such an easy task for a white wine. Then again, this sauvignon had an acidity to sweetness ratio that was pretty close to many New World rieslings – and riesling is a solid match with Asian food.

There was a very ripe character to the wine, yet with a sharp, refreshing acidity. The nose had a touch of fennel, but way more citrus fruit (on the edge of grapefruit, but not quite there) and a hint of honey, with a nice mineral character rounding things off in the mouth feel. Very nice length, and (more…)

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