An ice cider extravaganza

I just learned this afternoon that Rougemont, Quebec’s apple capital, is hosting the very first Mondial des cidres de glace (the World ice cider gathering, more or less) this very weekend. Interesting that it is called a “Mondial”, since ice cider production is essentially limited to Quebec itself. Mind you, this apple equivalent of ice wine is indeed a great gift of Quebec to the world. A really great invention, with all sorts of nuances that can be discovered and compared particularly well during the event.

Some 17 producers are taking part, and a whole bunch of cheesemakers as well. A match made in heaven, and showcased in part outside in the cold that allows Quebec to be the world capital of that winter-wrought beverage. Indeed, the producers will be showcasing their ciders on bars built out of ice – but don’t worry, you can go inside to warm up whenever you want.

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Wine. Improved by ice cubes.

A rather mind-boggling (or perhaps simply horrifying) story in the Globe and Mail, today. Some South African wine producers have been “redesigning” their rosé wines, so that they taste better served over ice cubes. As they try to appeal to a young, urbane crowd, these producers want to turn their wines into a cool kind of cocktail. And there’s apparently nothing that says cool like, well, ice.

Christened with poetic names like “Frozé” or “Couture“, these wines (more…)