Tasting notes: Le Clos Jordanne, Le Clos Jordanne Vineyard 2006 chardonnay and pinot noir, Twenty Mile Bench

I’ve been a fan of Le Clos Jordanne wines since their first release, the 2004 vintage, two years ago. Made from young vines, they may not have had the depth of great wines, but they certainly showed the promise. It was terrific to taste pinot noir that from the Niagara that had such a clear sense of place and such a remarkable balance and restraint.

This certainly has a lot to do with…

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  1. I’ve only had 2 LCJ wines- Both 05 Chards (Claystone and Le Clos)… Had the Le Clos 3x.

    I was crazy impressed. Since they don’t seem to show up in the US, I had to trade some Littorai for them.

    1st experience w/ them was at the Renaissance hotel at YYZ. Someone opened the bottle by accident, and they were pouring it by the glass for about $8… Crazy.

  2. Man, you gotta have the pinots. They’re even better than the chardonnays, as far as I’m concerned.

    As far as trading Littorai for Clos Jordannee, I could be willing. Got any of that delicious Thieriot vineyard chardonnay? One of the best chardonnays I’ve had. Ever.

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