The sweeter side of things: check out The Tawny Times

While I’m waiting for the latecomers to Wine Blogging Wednesday 55 to send in their posts, so I can prepare my round-up, I rummaged through my tasting notes from the Salon des vins de Québec, and decided to put a bit of them online… on another blog.

But Rémy, you may ask, don’t you have enough already with The Wine Case and that French blog of yours? In fact, yes, but when you get a really sweet offer…

The sweet offer in question is The Tawny Times, a wine blog dedicated solely to dessert wines – a category that gives you a wider range of topics than you’d think. Put together by Robbin Gheesling and Michael Wangbickler, it is meant to be a collective effort by everyone who loves “stickies”, as the Aussies call them. After Robbin saw my Tweets on sauternes tasted at the Salon (including a 1996 Yquem), she asked me to jump in and write on the TTimes. And so I just did.

Want to jump in, bloggers? Contact Robbin or Michael, and they will surely be glad to add you to the list of authors.

And while you think about it, check out my post on this sweet Spanish merlot I had at the Salon.

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