Wine Blogging Wednesday #48: Back to Your Roots

Great theme from Lenn Thompson, founder of the Wine Blogging Wednesday, to celebrate four years of this collective tasting thing (which begat a French heir called les Vendredis du vin, among other good things). He calls upon us to get back to The Roots, which can be pretty funky, for sure.

Oh wait. Silly me. He means going back to YOUR Roots. Your wine-loving roots, that is. The wines that got you really started on the whole swirling, smelling, tasting and spitting thing. The first tastes that made you go “wo!”, that made you think that you should start budgeting this pastime of yours.

Reactions, already, are split between are-you-kidding-I-can’t-drink-that-stuff-anymore to oh-yes-I-remember-it-well. I’m more in the second category, and leaning in the direction of a California pinot from over twenty years ago…

It will be interesting to see where people direct their trip down olfactory memory lane. There’s time to ponder: reviews are due on August 13. It should make for some interesting reading. And interesting questions: how much revisionism will there be?


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