A glimpse at the WineCreators

Little has filtered, as of yet, about what went on at the incredibly ambitious WineCreator meeting that was held in Ronda, in Jérez country, last weekend. Yet a lot of people are surely curious about knowing what the “greatest” minds in winemaking and wine journalism came to discuss during this ” tribute to creativity in a world where the signs of globalisation are becoming increasingly evident”.

Jancis Robinson, a key participant in the meeting, will only report on it around May 3, according to the sherry country travel note she has posted on her website, while we wait for the goods.

I’ve sent the organizers an e-mail, asking for more information. To no avail, at this point. All I’ve managed to find, so far, are two news items on the Decanter web site.

The first of the two reports on the general outlook of the meeting, and some points of view expressed by participants about producing quality wines, diversity, vineyard management and the world market. Here’s a nice quote:

‘We have a responsibility to incubate good winemakers,’ said American critic David Schildknecht, ‘rather than paying excessive attention to top wines most people will never taste.’

The second article concentrates on Jancis Robinson insisting that wine critics are “parasites” on the back of the wine industry, and that they should show more humility, a statement that has gotten quite a lot of comments on the web page in question. Just about as much as this statement from Peter Sisseck:

Peter Sisseck, winemaker for Pingus in Ribera del Duero, was angered by the suggestion made during the conference by Decanter editor Guy Woodward that some winemakers make wines to suit the palates of certain critics.

‘I don’t even think it is possible to do this,’ he said, calling Woodward’s remarks arrogant for implying winemakers do not have their own opinions.

Riiiiiiiiiigghhhht. No winemaker has ever thought of creating a style he or she thought would please the critics. What was I thinking.

Do read the reactions on that statement. And stay tuned for more. If that’s the type of statement that was made during the weekend, they’re going to be worth the reading.

P.S.: Jancis Robinson has actually started posting on her website, but for the moment, those reports (some on video) are only accessible to her paying readers. If you have 139$ to spare…

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