Matassa meets Montreal and Manhattan

My good friend and winemaker extraordinaire Tom Lubbe is hopping over the Pond, next week, to showcase his wines in Montreal and New York City. I’m an absolute fan of Matassa Wines, a Domaine I had the chance to visit. A great week walking through the (biodynamic) vineyards, tasting the grapes, packing bottles into cases, pallets into trucks, and to stomp those gorgeous grapes with my own bare (clean) feet (see here and here for details of my stay and, more importantly, to learn more about Matassa).

In Montreal, Tom Lubbe will be hosting a special dinner at Les Cons Servent, a restaurant on rue Papineau that has been winning solid reviews since it opened last fall. Chef Stelio Perombelon (of Les Chèvres fame) will be conconcting an 8-dish meal, with each small portion accompanying a different wine from Matassa or from Tom Lubbe’s South African domaine, The Observatory. The dinner takes place Monday, April 14, 6:30 PM. Cost: 85$, all wines included, before taxes and tip. I’ll be there, so I won’t be square.

Next stop for him is New York City, where you’ll be able to meet him and taste the Matassa Wines on Tuesday, April 15, at 6:30 PM, at the Chelsea Wine Vault, inside the Chelsea Market on 16th Street, a cool shop that has a really solid list of tastings, classes and events.

On the 16th, Tom will be part of a trade event at the gorgeous Prince George Ballroom, where the wine press is invited starting at 11 AM. Wish I had more details, but all I can tell you is that about 30 producers are supposed to be there.

If you’ve never tasted wines by Matassa, be prepared to be surprised, maybe even shocked. This review of Matassa’s Cuvée Marguerite 2006 shows just how the wines don’t fly unnoticed under one’s palate. After the initial surprise, a world of amazement and mineral, sharp, focused and, yes, seductive pleasures await. I can’t get enough of it, now…

(Oh yeah, one last thing: when you see Tom, don’t forget to wish him Happy Birthday.)


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